Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zoya Loredana + Shatter!

Hi guys! I was feeling inspired to try some new combinations with OPI Silver Shatter, so I decided to try it with Zoya's beautiful dark gray matte, Loredana! I don't even really like matte's, or dark colors, so I have no real idea what posessed me to order Loredana, but I am so happy I did! Loredana is a beautiful shimmery gray, and it looks so smooth with two coats, great coverage! I wore this at my bachelorette party with topcoat, it also looks beautiful that way!

Anyways here is a photo of Loredana before the shatter!


And here is Zoya Loredana with OPI Silver Shatter on top! My crackliness is kind of hit or miss. Sometimes it crackles beautifully and sometimes it just has like one tiny line and you can't see the base color at all. I have to say, I'm not very impressed with OPI's silver shatter. (Disclaimer: I haven't tried any other brands of crackle or any other colors from OPI's Shatters). I am having this bizarre issue with the polish getting clumpy at the top of the bottle around the neck and I have no idea why, the bottle is clearly shut so there shouldn't be air getting in. Is anyone else having this problem? Should I contact OPI, maybe I have a defective one? Should I take it back to Ulta? What other brand should I try, as a replacement? I definitely still want silver! Just not very impressed with this overall - and what is the secret??? I have tried thin coats, thick coats, it never consistently crackles well, what is the deal!? OK done is Loredana with silver shatter!

As you can see, the silver shatter crackled beautifully here! I was realllly happy with this combination, and I love the contrast between the two gray shades! :) I was really sad to have to take it off (to go to work)!

Hope you guys like it! :)


  1. Personally, all of my OPI shatters have done that...the white being the worst for me. I started using China Glaze's crackles and the difference is astounding (and the price is cheaper...yay!). It definitely crackles more than the OPI and goes on much smoother. I have also tried the Sally Hansen crackles and to me, it is pure garbage! If you want to stay with OPI (China Glaze has different colors than OPI, so I do have both), try adding some renewing drops to your bottle to thin it out a bit and see if that did for me! Oh and one last thing, Loredana is GORGEOUS! Not a big matte fan, but I just use a topcoat...that color will be amazing for fall!

  2. The same thing happens to me with the silver shatter so ive stopped using it until i can figure out what to do with him. Im afraid to buy the black shatter. But loredana is a pretty color. Thats just been added on my list of zoyas to buy :)