Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bad Camera, and More!

So I haven't been posting lately, boo me. I am so busy, but I am gonna try and post here at least once a week because I do love nail polish and sharing my polish with you all, and even though I am busy I think it's important I find time to do things other than work and trying not to fall asleep when I'm not at work! (I have worked the last 10 days in a row at Starbucks and I am exhausted!)

I decided it was time to stop posting iPhone pics of my mani's and I pulled out my digital camera to take some pics of my Zoya Mira + OPI Funky Dunkey comparison and it wouldn't focus on anything! Even with flash the photos are totally blurry. So clearly there is something wrong with it, and I need to call Sony and make them fix it because it's been less than a year since I got the camera and I haven't even used it since like April so there's no reason it shouldn't be still working perfectly, since it was the last time I used it! Everyone cross your fingers that they will fix it for me and for free! :)

My new hubby and I decided that I get a $30 a month allocation for nail polish - haha! I was like "I probably don't even need that much!" Think again....last month I spent like $20 of it and this month I've already spent my allowance, haha! I actually went over 2 dollars, but shh don't tell Daniel!

Anyways my newest purchases are all OPI...weird! Normally I don't like their stuff but they've come out with some lovely glitters lately and I just can't help myself - I love glitters!

I went to Ulta the other day to take advantage of their buy 2 get 1 free OPI promotion - there was a catch, though. The free one had to be a base coat, a top coat, or one from their new Shimmer collection. Luckily, I really liked one of the glitters so it worked out for me :)

I bought the gorgeous pink glitter I Lily Love You (from the Nice Stems collection), a pretty pink creme called Sweet Memories, and got the turquoise sparkle 'Sparkle Teal Sunset' from the Shimmer collection for free! Then I saw OPI Funky Dunkey on sale for $4.99, and thought it looked like a total dupe for Zoya Mira (one of my fave purples - also my wedding pedicure color!) so I bought it! And finally, I went back to Ulta a couple days later and picked up the new Serena Williams set Grape...Set...Match, and Servin Up Sparkle. I love SUS so much! So sparkly and pretty :) I will try and get some photos soon if I can get some decent pics.

This weekend I am going to the Davis Cup in Austin, TX which is a tennis tournament, and I am pretty sure I am gonna wear the Serena pair, just because of the tennis connection, hehe! :)

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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