Friday, April 22, 2011

Sky Blue :)

After a few days with Kieko I was ready to move on to another color. Recently I bought Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri nail color in Blue-Away, a pretty robin's egg blue/sky blue color from Target for like $4.50. It's a really pretty blue so I decided to do that, and a layer of Sally Hansen DVD over it, since it has that great blue/purple sparkle. The sparkle appears purple when it's over purple polish, so I figured it would appear blue when it's over blue polish - and I was right! Although it is very easy to see lines, since the glitter polish is darker than the base color.

Here is just plain old Blue-Away. I was a little heavy handed with the application so it's not the prettiest but it looks much nicer a couple days later now that it's been cleaned up!

Then I layered DVD over the top:

And finally topped it off with a generous coating of Seche Vite as usual! I LOVE this top coat! It adds an extra 3-4 days to my polish life and even then there's usually like one tiny chip at the very end of my nail, nothing too noticeable! I see people with nail polish all chipped up halfway off their fingers and I'm like, how is that possible? I mean I would be like madly scrubbing to get the polish off my hands because I hate that badly chipped look, but clearly these people don't use top coats!! I was at Ulta and the cashier and I were talking about nail polish and I said how I love Zoya and it's long-lasting self, and she said she had put her polish on two days prior, and it was beyond chipped up! Like half the polish was missing, meanwhile my Zoya manicure + Seche Vite topcoat had one TEENSY chip after like 4 days of wear PLUS being filed!! 

Anyways...enough ranting! I think this mani looks nice but not my favorite. I think Blue Away would look nice as a pedicure! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zoya Kieko!

Not too much to say about this one, because I thought it was just ok. I really loved the Coral manicure I did before this one so the bar was set a little high, haha! I also prefer Mira to Kieko, which is funny because when I was debating on my colors to order from Zoya, I actually was like "I NEED KIEKO!" at first, and only decided to add Mira at the last minute! And now Mira is my fave :) is Kieko! She photographs more like Mira, actually! In real life Kieko is a little more pinky purple, still a very pretty color, and much lighter than Mira. Of course I did my usual top coat of Seche Vite, but it looks a little dirty here, haha! Whoopsy :)

Two coats of Zoya perfection! I love their formulas :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coral + Glitter!

Hi guys! So my friend got married last Saturday, and in honor of the occasion, I bought a new dress to wear at Target! It is a great coral color, which I thought was perfect since his wedding was on the beach! Then I thought, OK, I have to do my nails for this!

I scrounged around my stash and found this great coral color that I got at Forever 21 last summer, that matched my dress nearly perfectly, but I wanted something else, so I grabbed my colorful glitter polish that I got at Ulta, it's called Pinata-yada-yada. It's basically just a ton of glitter, some teeny specks and some bigger ones, in lots of different colors. It's totally clear aside from the glitter so I thought it would go perfect over the coral.

Not the best pic, we were driving, but still you can see how it looked! :)

Hope you guys like it, it's totally one of my favorite mani's, and I got a lot of compliments over it! This Forever 21 polish actually held up really well, I've had it on for 6 days and washed my hair multiple times and filed my nails just now, quite a bit since they'd grown out a lot, and there isn't even tip wear! Seche's the best!!!

Revlon Quick-Dry Basecoat
Forever 21 Nail color, no name
Ulta 'Pinata-yada-yada' glitter
Seche Vite topcoat!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zoya Mira!

I had an absolutely ridiculous time trying to decide which of my new Zoya colors to use first! My indecision was absolutely pathetic, haha! I even had a deadline - my fiance was on his way to pick me up, that just made it worse! I hurriedly took off my silver tips mani and threw some of each color on each finger on one hand.....which didn't help at all. My best friend said "Pink! The answer is always pink!" when I texted her to see her opinion, but in the end, I went with my favorite color, purple, and Mira!

Mira looks gorgeous, a true dark (but not too dark) purple, the color I think of when I hear the word grape! Unfortunately it photographs some weird blue-ish color, but here's a picture anyways!

See what I mean about the blue-ishness? It doesn't look blue at all, it is my new favorite grape color :)

So then I thought to myself, hmmm, I wonder how Sally Hansen HD color in DVD would look over this? I bought that bottle about a month ago when it lured me in at a Target display. It is this gorgeous sparklyness that appears either blue or purple, depending how it catches the light. Now, I also do gymnastics (well, not right now thanks to the dang ACL reconstruction.....which was actually thanks to gymnastics. It's a vicious cycle!) and before I hurt myself I had JUST ordered a new leotard which is this great fabric that is purple with blue sparkles over it - JUST LIKE THIS NAIL POLISH! I put a picture of the leo at the bottom for reference!! So you can see why I bought DVD, right?! Anyways, when I put DVD on my fingers, it was so translucent, I was kind of sad. 3 coats made a beautiful purply blueness on my finger, but I thought, Oh will make a good layering color. Enter Mira, and behold:

I love it! You mainly get the blue sparkles, as the purple is hard to capture on camera, but you can kind of see it at the very top of the bottle and about the top third of each nail shows a little purple. I love it! Mira is the perfect backdrop for DVD! :)

And of course, Revlon basecoat, and Seche Vite topcoat perfect the look!

And here's my beautiful new leotard, which I have no idea when I will get to wear. Boohoo :(

Doesn't it match DVD perfectly?!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fedex Delivers!

Nail polish/Fedex gods, I'm sorry I doubted you. Look what came in the mail just now!! I am totally going to paint each nail one finger just to see them all at once!

(Remove+, Ali and Robyn spoons, color plates, and Kieko, Mira, Lolly, Breezi, and Pippa!)

(Kieko, Mira, Lolly, Breezi, Pippa)

PS. Did you see Zoya's NEW collection, you can pre-order it now. I know, they just came out with 3 yet they're already preordering ANOTHER one. It's called Roswell 2012 and features 3 holographic colors! Check it out HERE! hehehe :)

Waiting (Im)patiently!

OMG, I am so impatient, I can't wait any longer for my new Zoyas! Fedex said it was estimating delivery today, and it has arrived in Dallas at a USPS office, but now the estimated date has changed to tomorrow!! Generally the post offices in Dallas are pretty speedy at delivering stuff, and it did get here fairly early this morning, so I still am holding out a little hope that the post office might bring it today. might be tomorrow :(

But you guys should be proud of me, I kept my silver tips design on until today! I'm about to take it off shortly. I kind of want to do a new mani with this brownish/purple color I got, but then I just don't know - what if my new polish comes today! Ohhhh I just want it so bad! :) :) :) Can't wait for those summery colors to get here!

Leave a comment if you got any of the new Zoya summer polishes too! Or just any new ones lately, I'd love to hear about them :)