Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pippa Pedi!

Hey y'all! As I mentioned in one of my last couple posts, I recently went and got a pedicure from this nail salon that just opened by the Starbucks I work at. (For Dallas people - it's at Preston and Frankford in north Dallas and is called Venice Nails) They were doing 40% off services so a few of the other girls I work with and I set up an appointment and got pedicures!

I was really excited because my friend Sarah picked one of my polishes to use and she picked Zoya Charla! She loved it :)

I decided to go with the "Cucumber Pedicure" (they also had Lavender, Milk and Honey, Sunkissed, Tea Infusion, maybe a couple others I can't remember). They put like a scrub on my legs, lotion, warm oil and rubbed warm stones on my calves, massaged my calves for FOREVER (which was amazing), put my feet in a bag of wax, the whole nine yards! The pedicure was supposed to last an hour but it was at least an hour and fifteen minutes, probably more like 90 minutes by the time I let it dry and walked out the door. $27 well spent, it was pure relaxation!

Here is a picture of my legs with lotion and cucumber slices on them, haha! The other girls were LOLing in their seats! It's cool though, my legs felt sooooo smooth afterwards!

As you can see, I chose Zoya Pippa for my color, topped with Ulta Pinata-Yada-Yada for some bling! Believe it or not, it actually tones down the yellow nicely!

What do you guys think?

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