Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sister In Law's Wedding Mani!

Hey y'all! My husband's sister got married at the end of last month near Austin, TX (about 3 hours from me here in Dallas) and I was really excited, not only for her wedding because I was a bridesmaid(!), but also to have several days off work and therefore....nail polish time! :)

I wanted to choose something neutral so as not to stand out (though let's be honest, we all know nobody is looking at the bridesmaids at a wedding, but still I wanted to be considerate and not wear dark nail polish or something flashy!) SO, I went with *my* wedding color, Zoya Stephanie, and I topped it with China Glaze White Cap, which added a gorgeous pearly golden sheen! I loved it and was sad to take it off when the weekend was over!

And I am so proud, I haven't bitten my nails in months, and they've been less breaky since I started using Essie Grow Stronger! They do still peel a bit, however, it used to be if there was a peel, the nail was so weak I'd have to cut it down, but now if there's a peel, I usually don't have to cut it down, so they are definitely getting stronger! They've finally grown to be the same length, yippee!

And it was a really eventful weekend, very fun to get away for a short time! On Friday we drove down and met the wedding party at a great barbecue place called Salt Lick BBQ, which was super tasty! On Saturday, we were so stuffed from dinner the night before that we skipped breakfast and waited until lunch to eat! We went to a restaurant called the Oasis, which overlooked Lake Travis, which was sadly very low due to the dry dry summer/fall we had here in Texas. It was awesome to drive through the Hill Country all weekend, such a change of pace from flat Dallas! Then we had the rehearsal, which went very smoothly, followed by the rehearsal dinner which was held on a boat! We had a lovely sunset cruise around Lake Travis with MORE bbq for dinner, haha! It was great to spend time with all my husband's cousins that we don't normally get to see! Sunday we woke up, got ready, and it was wedding time! It was in a gorgeous room overlooking the lake with floor to ceiling windows! Had a nice lunch reception, packed our stuff, and it was time to drive home. I was very excited to stop at the Czech Stop, a gas station/bakery almost halfway back to Dallas, we stopped and got kolaches, which were delicious! And about 5 minutes after that, I got to experience our first blowout - my husband's driver's side front tire blew out while we were on the highway! So that was a fun 30 minute delay, thankfully my husband was a champ and changed that tire like a pro! And after we drove 90 more miles home going about 60 mph...we finally made it home! So that was our exciting weekend :)


  1. Eeii!!! How was the BBQ? I'm going there in May... apparently it's a BIG deal!

    1. We went to the original one in Driftwood, TX. There are a couple others, my two friends from Austin told me before I went they thought it was overrated. Personally I thought it was delicious! I got the three meat plate that came with a rib, sausage, and brisket, it also comes with a huge side of potato salad, beans, and coleslaw. They serve you the BEST fresh bread that was so good, I asked for a box to go (hahah, they gave me some!) and we somehow managed to eat a blackberry and peach cobbler which was also amazing. The one in Driftwood is BYOB, I have no idea about the others. I love barbecue, so I was happy. Maybe the people who thought it was overrated are just bbq snobs? :P Have fun and let me know how you like it!!

    2. I definitely would go to the original, it had a lot of character! Like I said I don't know about the others, but there's just something to be said about driving on those rural country roads and then out of nowhere out pops this huge complex of bbq amazingness!