Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hi everyone!

Well, I've been working a ton lately, with very little time to paint my nails. To give you an idea of my schedule, usually I get to do a mani on Tuesday night, enjoy it Wednesday, and remove it Wednesday evening. Thanks a lot Starbucks no nail polish rules! Last week I had to go in to work on both of my days off for various reasons so I didn't even get one day with a manicure :(

So needless to say I don't have very many manicure pictures to show you. I'm not sure when I will have more time, because working 5-6 days a week is my normal at this point. I will continue to paint my nails on my day(s) off when I can and will lovingly share my photos with you guys! I wish it could be more often because a)I love painting my nails and b)I love sharing my photos and thoughts with you guys, but at this point in time with this job, it doesn't allow me to have enough time to post more.


I'd love to share my Valentines Day manicure with you guys! I actually got to enjoy this as a Day After Valentines Day Manicure, since I worked on Valentines Day! But I painted my nails when I got home to enjoy the next day! My sweet husband got me some pretty peach colored roses, and a thing of chocolate gelato! (I love ice cream, and chocolate!). On Wednesday (day off!), we slept in, then cooked scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast on our new electric skillet, enjoyed some television, took our recycling out (exciting!!! but seriously, it was getting really bad, like piles of water bottles and stuff, HAHA!), and then I went to my adult gymnastics class! It was a really enjoyable day off, and I love that we both have Wednesdays off from work, so we get to spend the day together!

OK seriously this time, here is my manicure! I used a lovely pink holo polish I got when I swapped with Inge at Polish Sis, Teeez 'Smooth'. I was going to do little hearts with China Glaze 108 Degrees, but the pink was too close to Smooth in shade, so I made a little heart on one finger with Zoya Astra, and one with Zoya Trixie! I really really love this shade of pink! Inge also sent me a purple holo which is also amazing, I love them both! Here it is!

This photo doesn't do the holo justice but you can see my cute hearts and the gorgeous shade of pink! AND you can see I've been doing so good getting my nails grown to the same length! I had a little peely thing on my ring finger so I had to cut the corner (I couldn't bear to cut the whole thing!) but oh will grow out :)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my Valentine mani and I hope you have a wonderful week!!! :)

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  1. Cute! Love the shade!

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