Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Planks a Lot :)

Here's a pic of my two newest polishes - OPI Planks a Lot from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, topped with OPI silver shatter, which I had a beast of a time finding! I went into Ulta one day and they had like 20 of these, and I decided, no, I don't need that. Then I saw some pretty pics and decided I did want it! I tried like 3 different Ulta's and none of them had it, and I called them every week to see if they got it in. FINALLY one store had it in, so I went right in and bought it along with Planks a Lot, a gorgeous lavender shade!

Planks a Lot is really pretty, and seems kind of similar to Zoya's Malia. I have been wanting a pretty light shade of lavender for a while, since I only have darker shades of purple in my stash, and Planks a Lot definitely kills my lemming for a nice lilac!

This was my first time using Silver Shatter, and I think I'll definitely get better at getting it to crackle as I continue to use it! It looks really pretty over Planks a Lot, but I think it would look nicer when put over a much darker color, so you can really see the color difference!

Here you go, a nice sunshine picture! (Well, at least me standing next to the window, hence the lines behind my hand haha!)

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