Sunday, June 19, 2011

Zoya Charla!

I got my Zoya package in the mail on Saturday! This is the fastest shipping I've ever had from them - ordered Monday, shipped Tuesday, received Saturday! The difference is - they used USPS this time rather than Fedex or whoever they normally use who is SO SLOW. I thought 6.95 for shipping was steep but it got here so fast so now I don't mind so much!

Anyways....the main reason I ordered my latest Zoya was because I was DYING to get Astra (gorgeous strawberry glittery color) so when they said they would throw in a free Ivanka and Charla, I was like well alright! I already have Ivanka but it's such a gorgeous green glitter I was like hey, I can use another! I can always give it as a gift right?! Charla is a color I was always on the fence about, I thought it looked pretty but I tend to stay away from blue as I have seen some really hideous blues in the past and they threw me off blue for (I thought) life! So the opportunity to try Charla for free, well, that was a good offer!

I immediately put Astra on one finger and Charla on another, and I was in love! I really like Astra and will swatch soon for you guys but I liked Charla so much I did a full mani as soon as I got home! It's such a pretty sparkly turquoise and makes me think of the ocean and mermaids! It is beautiful in the sunlight!

I'll take some pics tomorrow and update :)

PS. I put Ivanka on the tip of one finger and the color combo actually looks really neat! Subtle contrast but it is cool!

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