Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hi everyone! Well the wedding is over (sad face) and we're back from the honeymoon cruise (double sad face) - on the bright side, I've gotten several new nail polishes :) I'll try and start posting again this week since life is slightly less hectic now! I'm just glad people have stopped calling me with wedding vendor questions!

Here's what I'm expecting in the mail in the coming weeks:

OPI Spark de Triomphe(!!!!! so excited!!!)
Zoya Astra
Zoya Charla
Zoya Ivanka (Charla and Ivanka were freebies in their promo!)

And I just picked up OPI Silver shatter and Planks A Lot (from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection!) this week! I'm so excited to get Spark de Triomphe, I've been seriously dying to find it for the last month but no Ulta has had it for the longest time! Finally Amber at Rainbows and Sparkles blog found it for me on Amazon because she is awesome so I ordered it - and it was only $5 plus 2.99 shipping! So that's way cheaper than Ulta sells it for before shipping, and even after shipping it's still cheaper! Yippee! :)

OK See ya guys soon with some updates - look forward to Planks a Lot plus silver shatter soon! :)

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