Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coral + Glitter!

Hi guys! So my friend got married last Saturday, and in honor of the occasion, I bought a new dress to wear at Target! It is a great coral color, which I thought was perfect since his wedding was on the beach! Then I thought, OK, I have to do my nails for this!

I scrounged around my stash and found this great coral color that I got at Forever 21 last summer, that matched my dress nearly perfectly, but I wanted something else, so I grabbed my colorful glitter polish that I got at Ulta, it's called Pinata-yada-yada. It's basically just a ton of glitter, some teeny specks and some bigger ones, in lots of different colors. It's totally clear aside from the glitter so I thought it would go perfect over the coral.

Not the best pic, we were driving, but still you can see how it looked! :)

Hope you guys like it, it's totally one of my favorite mani's, and I got a lot of compliments over it! This Forever 21 polish actually held up really well, I've had it on for 6 days and washed my hair multiple times and filed my nails just now, quite a bit since they'd grown out a lot, and there isn't even tip wear! Seche's the best!!!

Revlon Quick-Dry Basecoat
Forever 21 Nail color, no name
Ulta 'Pinata-yada-yada' glitter
Seche Vite topcoat!

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