Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zoya Mira!

I had an absolutely ridiculous time trying to decide which of my new Zoya colors to use first! My indecision was absolutely pathetic, haha! I even had a deadline - my fiance was on his way to pick me up, that just made it worse! I hurriedly took off my silver tips mani and threw some of each color on each finger on one hand.....which didn't help at all. My best friend said "Pink! The answer is always pink!" when I texted her to see her opinion, but in the end, I went with my favorite color, purple, and Mira!

Mira looks gorgeous, a true dark (but not too dark) purple, the color I think of when I hear the word grape! Unfortunately it photographs some weird blue-ish color, but here's a picture anyways!

See what I mean about the blue-ishness? It doesn't look blue at all, it is my new favorite grape color :)

So then I thought to myself, hmmm, I wonder how Sally Hansen HD color in DVD would look over this? I bought that bottle about a month ago when it lured me in at a Target display. It is this gorgeous sparklyness that appears either blue or purple, depending how it catches the light. Now, I also do gymnastics (well, not right now thanks to the dang ACL reconstruction.....which was actually thanks to gymnastics. It's a vicious cycle!) and before I hurt myself I had JUST ordered a new leotard which is this great fabric that is purple with blue sparkles over it - JUST LIKE THIS NAIL POLISH! I put a picture of the leo at the bottom for reference!! So you can see why I bought DVD, right?! Anyways, when I put DVD on my fingers, it was so translucent, I was kind of sad. 3 coats made a beautiful purply blueness on my finger, but I thought, Oh will make a good layering color. Enter Mira, and behold:

I love it! You mainly get the blue sparkles, as the purple is hard to capture on camera, but you can kind of see it at the very top of the bottle and about the top third of each nail shows a little purple. I love it! Mira is the perfect backdrop for DVD! :)

And of course, Revlon basecoat, and Seche Vite topcoat perfect the look!

And here's my beautiful new leotard, which I have no idea when I will get to wear. Boohoo :(

Doesn't it match DVD perfectly?!

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