Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebutante + Milani!

Hi everyone! Here is one of my grabs from today from Ulta's $2 sale - it's Celebutante. I immediately knew this was a dupe for Zoya Mira/OPI Funky Dunkey, which happens to be my favorite purple ever, so I snatched it up! I picked the one from their older bottle design, rather than the new design, because it is marginally bigger than the new design bottle. They raised the prices recently, yet downsized the bottle from .4 oz to .33. I know it's not a huge jump but...if the price goes up, the product should NOT go down. It's the principle...grrr Ulta!

Anyways I used the end of my Funky Dunkey for a franken I made today, so I'm glad I bought Celebutante! It's very pretty and a great backup for my Mira :)

Oops! You can clearly see I didn't bother painting my thumb, haha! Oh well. It's a bit more warm purple than this photo, purples are so hard to get right! I put the blue envelope in the background to try and help it show up more purple than blue!

Two coats was great, though I had to be careful not to flood my cuticles, it was a tad runny, I guess would be the word. I'm just pleased to get away with two coats, so I didn't mind too much!

I then topped it off at the tips with my Milani Jewels in gold! I love love love this glitter! What do you guys think? Hope you like! I spent the afternoon with this on, and am about to go take it off since I have work tomorrow :( (I know, I'm sick, yet I still have to work. My coworkers....they are so nice, nobody would switch with me/cover my shift! At least one girl is coming in an hour early for me, she actually is nice!)

I tried to do a bit of a gradient with the glitter, I think it looks neat!

I like the color combo! If only I went to LSU or some other purple/yellow/gold school haha! :)

Hope you guys like!

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