Monday, September 19, 2011

Kansas City Trip!

Hey everyone, I'm back! (kind of) I'm sorry to have deserted the blog for a few weeks, unfortunately on September 5th I had a close friend pass away unexpectedly and along with dealing with that, work has been fairly hectic. Sometimes I get lucky and have two days off in a row, but ever since I was promoted (yay! It's really a good thing, even though I work more now) I typically just have two days off per week, and I actually like that they aren't in a row! If they were, I'd wind up working like 9 days in a row or something silly. ANYWAYS....when I only have one day off, I usually don't do my nails, it just seems silly when it'd only be on for about 24 hours! But I got inspired the other day and did a few swatches of some untrieds I have, so those will be coming soon!

But the real reason for my post - I wanted to share some photos from my trip to Kansas City at the end of August! Myself and the husband, along with about 20-25 other soccer friends made the drive up to Kansas City from our home here in Dallas, to see our fave team FC Dallas take on Sporting Kansas City. I was looking forward to the trip because a)I had several days off, so I got to paint the nails! and b)KC just built a brand new soccer-specific stadium that I heard was very nice, so I was excited!

I wanted to do something sort of FC Dallas themed with my nails for the trip. The obvious decision for me would be to do "Hoops", since that's one of FCD's nicknames. When I first heard the nickname Hoops, I was like what? Is there circles on the jersey? Well, basically they're just like horizontal stripes - but they call them hoops since they go all the way around the jersey (they're on the back too). But, I felt a little intimidated at trying to do red/white stripes on the nail, since it was kind of late at night when I finally got around to doing the mani, so I decided to try something else. Oh, I should specify that the FC Dallas colors are red and white, but on the road they wear a great royal blue and white!

It turned out to be equally time-intensive, but I like how it turned out so that's ok! I decided to go for a splatter mani - and I used Zoya Carrie Ann, Zoya Breezi, Zoya Loredana, and Petites White. I used a base of Loredana and then splattered Carrie Ann, Breezi, and white on top of it. Next time I think I'd do a base of white, and just splatter Carrie Ann and Breezi, but that's ok. This was a "different" mani for me, so I'm just proud of myself for trying something new!

Alright, on to the photos!

Left hand! I dunno why my thumb is all messed up towards the top of my nail, oh well! Some of the nails splattered well, and sometimes I'd just get a huge blob of color covering the whole nail, and have to re-do the colors I'd already done on that nail, haha!

Right hand! I actually thought the right hand went better than the left, which is weird because I'm right handed!

Here are some more photos from the trip:

Started off the trip with some Oklahoma Joe's barbeque! Long wait in line but this food was beyond worth it! I got the 'Hog Heaven' - I believe it was pulled pork and sausage! And the french fries had some crazy seasoning on them that made them super addicting! Husband didn't care for them but...that's cool, more for me :)

After dinner we headed out to the Power and Light District - it's downtown, like the party area I guess! Nothing against KC girls but...some of them looked pretty rough, hahaha. For example, I saw not one but TWO breakups occurring, and neither of the ladies were handling it very well! One of them, the girl was initiating it, and I saw her shove the boy several times then stomp down some stairs. He followed at a distance, then they left, I was kind of bummed to miss the end...haha! The other one, the girl was super hammered and the guy looked very irritated to have to deal with her in public! Anyways, I had a great time people watching! It's a really cool outdoor area connected to lots of bars and restaurants, and the weather was great, so it was nice to be outside hanging out!

Here is Sporting KC's stadium, one view at least. We got to take a private tour of the stadium, which was really neat! It's way nicer than the stadium in Dallas....we'll just leave it at that.

And finally, here's me and the husband Daniel before the game! We thought it would be fun to take the FCD monkey around with us and take pics but we didn't really take many! Daniel bought it for me last year at an FCD game, because I have a childish love for stuffed animals, hehe :)

The best part of the weekend - FC Dallas was losing 2 to 0 until about the 75th minute (out of 90, for you non-soccer people!), when Sporting KC got a man sent off. The tides turned in FC Dallas' favor, and about ten minutes later we scored a goal. I was happy that we wouldn't get totally blown out, but still thought we'd lose. A couple minutes later we scored again! I was shocked, but pleased with a tie since we hadn't played too well during the game, I thought it was good to escape with a tie! And THEN, in the 93rd minute (stoppage time!) this rookie scored! So we totally poached a win at the last minute, it was great! :)

OK hope to see you all again soon with some more posts! Leave some comments and let me know what you thought of my first ever splatter mani!

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