Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ulta Haul/My First Butter London!

Hey all! In spite of the cold I am currently fighting [edit: well, I was on Tuesday when I wrote this!], I went out of the house today to get some fresh air...but mainly to go to Ulta so I could take advantage of their Butter London Buy one get one free sale! I was hoping to find Henley Regatta but someone beat me to it. I went less than two hours after they opened, and I can't imagine they got cleaned out that bad in two looked to me like they just hadn't stocked in a while. Oh well. I picked up West End Wonderland and No More Waity Katie

And, as you can see, I also grabbed two Pinata-yada-yada's, plus Celebutante - since the Ulta polishes were on sale for $2! I grabbed the old bottle version of Celebutante since Ulta recently changed their price from $5 to $6 AND they made the bottle smaller. Jerks....I actually had bought a bottle of Pinata-yada-yada a couple weeks ago, but when I realized that not only had the price gone up, the bottle was smaller, I returned that ASAP! And that paid off, since a few days later I got their magazine ad in the mail that was advertising their colors for $2! Heck yeah! I love Pinata-yada-yada for frankens, so I picked up two! And I just thought Celebutante was the cutest purple! Very similar to my favorite purple ever, Zoya Mira!

I was hoping to also find Zoya Jana, and the China Glaze glow in the dark polish, but they didn't have either :(

Here is West End Wonderland, a gorgeous golden glitter packed into a clear base. It's so laden with glitter, though, that some people would probably be fine with one coat! I did two coats and then did a teeny touchup on a couple spots that wound up looking a little bare. This also dried relatively smooth, which surprised me, I expected it to be very gritty.

Look! Look at that shimmer!!! Yayyy I love glitters!

You may be able to see in the bottle (and slightly on the nail) that along with the gorgeous fine gold glitter, there are some tiny red glitters, as well! They aren't super noticeable on the nail but definitely add some depth to the polish! It's so deliciously sparkly...I can't wait to wear this around the holidays! This one was kind of a snap decision for me, since I wasn't sure what colors to get once I saw there was no Henley Regatta, but I am thrilled with my decision to pick West End Wonderland!

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