Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey everyone! Today I have for you an old one, well, it's from the beginning of summer anyways! I picked this pretty pink up with the intention of using it for a franken, but do you know what? I never actually used it! I distracted myself with some others that I picked up that day (a black, and Sally Hansen HD in Byte) which I frankened! It didn't turn out so hot.

Anyways, I had this in my untrieds so I decided to see how it looked to cheer myself up, since I was feeling a little sick. (That later spiraled downhill into a nasty cold, which I have FINALLY gotten over as I write this!)

This is NYC nail color in MoMA. I liked the color names, they seemed to have a New York theme, and the price was right too! I remember this was definitely under $3 at Target. It's kind of a deep pink, leaning towards fuschia. Very bright and girly, and had a nice formula too! 2 coats would have been good if you're careful but I went ahead and did 3 to be safe! I always seem to miss the very edge of my nail or something like that, that the 3rd coat helps fix!

It's so funny, I've been growing my nails out a bit but not too long since I have a job where I use my hands a LOT, so when they get longer I feel like they're SO in the way. I feel like they're so long right now, but looking at the photos they don't look very long at all! Maybe if I did a french mani they would look longer, haha! But seriously...I think I won't have them any longer than this, they aren't strong enough right now (but I've been using a strengthener that helps keep them from peeling/breaking) and they just get kind in the way. And they still look nicer than when they are baby nubs! We'll see how long I keep them long!

Hope y'all like this bright pinky color!

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