Sunday, October 16, 2011

OPI Too Hot Pink To Handle

Hey y'all!! Hope everyone is having a lovely day! I recently picked up this color from Ulta as an exchange - I originally bought Nicole by OPI Me + Blue (Justin Bieber collection, a bright blue with holo glitter) but I hated the finish on Me + Blue (it was super gritty even after top coat, and the holo wasn't super nice either) so I exchanged it for an OPI!

Without further ado, here's OPI Too Hot Pink to Handle! This is a lovely bright pink jelly ("Sorbet" according to OPI!) from the Texas Collection from earlier this year. (I also picked up Guy Meets Gal-veston, the jellies just called out to me! And by getting a second OPI - I didn't know this at the time but it was a nice perk - they gave me a free base or top coat! I picked base coat! Thanks Ulta!)

This is three coats of Too Hot Pink to Handle. If you have short nails and use thicker coats, you could maybe even get away with two coats! I also included some pictures of Guy Meets Gal-veston for comparison.

See? Lovely squishy bright pink! You can see a teeny bit of visible nail line on my ring finger, but from a couple feet away you can't see it at all, so...I don't really mind.

In a different lighting, artificial lighting in my kitchen! This is very color accurate. When I tried to photograph it under a more yellowy light, it looked much more orangey.

Guy Meets Gal-veston on my pointer finger, for comparison. GMG looks way more orange than it really is under this light, to be honest, but under natural light these two shades looked identical (they're not!) so I wanted to show you guys the actual difference! And no, that's not shimmer in the bottle, I think it's a grocery bag reflection...haha!

Again, the two shades compared. Guy Meets Gal-veston on my pointer, Too Hot Pink to Handle on my middle finger!

I was torn on picking one in the store, and I still have some birthday money from husband's grandmother, so I treated myself to both! While they are sort of similar, I'm glad to have both (for now at least!) And I'll hold on to them both, so I can keep my OPI base coat, haha! Seriously, y'all should have seen me walking around Ulta. I was staring at the two polishes, started to walk towards the register with both, wound up putting Guy Meets Gal-veston back, started to walk to the register, turned around, went back and picked up Guy Meets Gal-veston, stopped to think some more. Tried to convince myself I liked one more than the other. Contemplated swatching on my finger so I could decide, but decided there were too many people around (LOL). was ridiculous. I wound up picking them both up and walking to the register - where I spotted a stray Do You Think I'm Texy? which I forced myself not to even touch, hahaha. So silly!

What do you guys think? Do any of you own any of the Texas collection colors? Which is your favorite?


  1. I have both Guy Meets Gal-veston and Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em too! I debated about only buying one of them as well, but I'm glad I ended up getting both. I think Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em is my favorite of the two. :)

  2. I own two of the Texas Collection...because you bought them for me!!! Very happy with them, the sorbet finish is delicious!

  3. Yeah, they are great aren't they Inge! They look so squishy!

    And I totally agree Holly, I like them both but I think I prefer Too Hot Pink as well!