Sunday, October 9, 2011

Off topic - Sewing Box!

Hey guys! Today I have an off topic post, but I'm so excited about my creative moment I had, that I wanted to share it somewhere! Recently I sewed two blankets for my friend as a baby shower gift (they turned out super cute and she loved them! I'll put a pic of one below!) Well, I realized that I need a sewing basket of some type, to store my stuff in like needles and pins and ribbons and such. (When I was still living with my parents, I just stowed my things in my Mom's sewing basket - she has a cute one like you might take Easter Egg hunting, like a circular basket with a tall handle!) but now I need my own! I didn't see any pre-made ones at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Walmart that I liked enough to buy (they were all like $15-25) so I decided to make my own!

I found this brown woven basket with a lid at Hobby Lobby for like $18 I think (can't remember, haha, it was like a week ago...that's sad) but it was 50% off! Yay sales! Then I decided to buy some "me" fabric to put on the outside, and some plain white to go as a lining on the inside. To cover my unfinished edges, I bought some matching ribbon (also 50% off!), and I also bought the smallest size of that basket (matching, just smaller) for like $4 to store my smallest things inside. I've left that one unfinished for now, I think it matches fine! So, for pretty much the same amount of money as a pre-made sewing box, I made myself a totally personalized one! 

OK so here is the outside! I just used hot glue to attach the fabric. I even cut a little slit in the fabric so that little wooden dowel could poke through the fabric! I love that it has a lid that closes - my Mom's also handmade sewing basket doesn't have a lid. Then, to cover my unfinished edges, I hot glued the giraffe print ribbon at the top and bottom all the way around! Giraffes are my favorite animal, but it's a pretty flashy print so I'm always looking for a way to incorporate giraffe print into my life without it getting childish, haha! I thought it looked cool with the wicker-type finish of the box.

And look! I even put the ribbon on the inside, too! It just makes the whole basket look "finished", I think. I actually think this looks like a basket I would have bought somewhere! So I'm really proud of my latest crafty endeavour! :) The giraffe fabric in the bottom of the basket isn't glued on there, btw, it was just some excess I had!

What do you guys think?

Oh! Here's a pic of one of the blankets I sewed for my friend Kim! She just had her baby within the past week! Her name is Lily Shea, I think it's such a pretty name! At first they said they were thinking of old fashioned names and I'm pretty sure like Gertrude got thrown around, and other names that are equally old my opinion, terrible, hahaha. No offense if there's any Gertrudes reading right now!! But ya know what I mean? There are some very old fashioned names out there....I think they picked a great one with Lily! OK onto the blankie pic!!

With each blanket, I made one side out of a black flannel fabric, so it'd be nice and soft! The other side I picked cute modern prints! Obviously the other side in this blanket is made out of the black/white/hot pink modern print. The other blanket I used a hot pink zebra fabric! I had a little excess of the zebra, so I made a little L and sewed it onto this blanket! L for Lily :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We are inching closer to our 50 Follower goal - thanks to everyone for following! I can't wait to do the giveaway! Also exciting news - I just had my first swap (Krystal of Polish Galore sent me two OPIs, so I sent her a franken!) and I'm also doing a swap with Inge from Polish Sis, just mailed off her package yesterday! So I am really excited to see what I get from her, and I'll be posting a little thing about what Krystal sent me as well, coming up this week!

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