Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wet n Wild - Night Prowl!

Here is a polish I picked up recently at Walmart for 94 cents! - it's Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail color in Night Prowl!

A quick swatch instantly reminded me of Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance. If you are turned off by Lippmann's high prices (usually around 18-23 at Nordstrom or online) and don't mind a little bit of a difference, this might be a nice alternative for you! This has the same blackened base and purple glitter, but unlike Bad Romance, this is just one size of purple glitter, no hexagonal glitters here. However, this was 94 cents so....ya know :)

In this photo, I did a base of Petites Night, which is just a regular black polish. However, it's only a dollar and is practically opaque in one coat! I find the Petites nail colors to be a great value, usually look flawless in two coats and come in a nice variety of colors! Anyways, I then topped it with two coats of Night Prowl, and then a Wet n Wild topcoat. It's not as nice as Seche Vite but I've reached that awkward point in the bottle where it's really difficult to get any more out, yet it's still like a good third full. Hm...waste of my money.

Anyways....on to the pics!

And for comparison, here's a pic of Deborah Lippmann 'Bad Romance'! Very similar, no? Same black base, purple glitters, just has some nice added hexagonal glitters! To save about $17...I think I'd be fine with this Wet n Wild almost dupe :)

What do you guys think?

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  1. I dunno if this is old hat for you, but I franken topcoats and half gone polishes that are hard to get out of the bottle. I suppose if you don't want to do that with your Seche Vite, you could stash your 1/3 bottle until you have another 1/3 bottle, then combine them.