Friday, October 21, 2011

Sinful Colors Starfish

TGIF Guys!!! I don't know about you but I'm ready for the weekend! Except, working at Starbucks, I usually wind up with two random weekdays off, and usually not in a row, so I don't really have much of a "weekend", and in fact this week I had my day off Wednesday (went to the State Fair of Texas again!) and now I work until next Wednesday! Yuck. But then I have Thursday thru Monday off work to go to Arizona and visit my grandmother with my Mom, so I guess it's ok! And next summer I'll have about 3 weeks off for my London trip so I should probably just be glad my boss gives me 2 days off a week! :P

Anyways here is my post for today - it's Sinful Colors in Starfish! Actually it says Star Fish on the label but...I made an executive decision and turned it into one word. Two is weird! Starfish is supposedly a total dupe for Sparrow Me The Drama, which is great, because I was particularly wanting that one, and had to restrain myself at Ulta so as not to buy it! $8.50 vs $1.79....that's a definite make-or-break for me! I picked up Starfish just a couple weeks ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond of all places! I should note that, in my opinion, although I don't own SMTD, based off the photos I've seen, these two polishes seem to be identical. Hooray!

They actually have quite a nail polish selection (at least the store near me does, a big cosmetics section), they had a big Essie stand, a big Color Club stand, some Orly, Revlon, about 3 different Sinful Colors collections plus some randoms, and some more I can't remember, because I wasn't interested. I also picked up Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor on this trip, a really pretty clear base with iridescent blue/greenish glitter.

For me, this is a total "Barbie" pink. Not too bright which is nice!

A very girly pink! This is with flash here.

It looks really dusty here, which is a word we can describe the whole Pirates collection with - they all seem to have a tinge of gray to them to add some dirtiness! This is in my kitchen under the artificial light. I thought it would be good to show you a variety of lighting so you can see all the different shades it appears as!

This applied really well, I believe I did 2 coats here. You'll definitely want a topcoat as it dried kind of matte. However, I am definitely getting more impressed with Sinful Colors lately, the first couple shades I picked up were very watery and streaky and I didn't care for them at all, but their more recent shades have been a lot better. Normally I hate when people are unoriginal in design ideas but from a price point, I don't really care that Sinful Colors blatantly rips off the OPI ideas - it has resulted in like 4 or 5 straight up dupes at a fraction of the cost! They should probably try to be a LITTLE more creative though...they had the Adventure Island collection which was clearly modeled after the OPI Pirates collection, as well as the Miss Sinful Colors collection, which has a couple that are similar to the OPI Miss Universe pageant collection, but seems to be a "new" collection of old shades they already had - including one with a typo on the name, haha! (It's I Miss Yuo, fyi)

Do any of you guys have any of the Sinful Colors dupes? Or do you have a favorite Sinful Colors polish that I should know about? What do you think of the brand?

OK well I'll hopefully have some new swatches for you by Monday! I am super busy this weekend with work but as I said in my last post I'm expecting nail mail so...I might just have to swatch some if I do get it!! :D Have a great weekend guys!!!

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  1. Nice colour! It kind of looks like sparrow me the drama from the pirates collection!