Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kleancolor Holo Chrome!

 Today I have a HOLO to show you! Yeah! It's raining today so that's kind of gloomy...luckily we have these nice sunshiney pics from recently to cheer us up!

It's Kleancolor Holo Chrome, a gorgeous denim color that shifts between blue and purple with tons of holo packed into it! This was my first Kleancolor although there is about 20 that I want, they have so many awesome shades! It was like $5 after shipping, so very reasonably priced! I can't remember where I bought it. Just google Kleancolor and I'm sure you can find somewhere selling! Well, it seems like every nail blogger has reviewed this polish so I'll just let the photos do the talking :)

Indoors, natural light, just looks mostly sparkly

Indoors, natural light, even with iPhone you can see the holo goodness!

Outside in the shade



Oooooh blurry holo goodness!

Sparkle sparkle sparkle!

I hope you guys enjoyed! While this polish has a terrible smell, it is such a lovely light purpley shade and packed with holo sparkle so I don't mind! 

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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