Thursday, December 1, 2011

Zoya Charla!

Hey y'all!!

I couldn't decide what to wear as my Thanksgiving mani because I don't really have "fall" browns/yellows, etc to make a Turkey or anything! So I decided to wear my holiday mani idea - it involved a red, a white, and Zoya Ivanka and I planned to use tape to make diagonal lines like a candy cane. Unfortunately it was a total FAIL - the tape pulled some of the white off (even though I waited a long time to put the tape on!) and then when I finally did get some stripes done, it looked like straight up Italy flag NOT holiday!!! I was like noooo! So my backup idea was something sparkly and I hadn't worn Charla for a long time, so I decided to do that!

Here is Zoya Charla with accent fingers in OPI Spark de Triomphe! I made a noob mistake and painted all my fingers with Charla and then realized I didn't need to do that on the accent fingers, lol! On my left hand I did a thick couple coats of Spark de Triomphe on my ring finger, and on the right hand I decided to do two fingers each with a thin layer of the glitter!

I did two coats of Charla and I think next time I'd do three because it was a little patchy in spots and in some lights it looked quite thin but in other lights it looked fine, so that was weird. Anyways, it was nice and sparkly and did the trick for some holiday sparkle! We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at my husband's cousins' house and his aunt and uncle cooked everything from scratch, it was wonderful! We had turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry/marshmallow stuff, and probably other things I can't remember! And she baked pumpkin and pecan pie too! :) We also had dinner with my family the next day, but I had work that morning so I didn't get to have a mani there :( Hope everyone here had a great one, although I know this is a bit past Thanksgiving now haha!
Left hand! I love the depth of Charla, the glassfleck really adds another dimension to the shade!

Right hand with my baby pointer finger nail haha

Right hand!

Does anyone else here own Charla? I think I prefer it in the summer and as a pedicure, but it is a gorgeous teal color with tons of beautiful glassfleck shimmer! I think this is a definite must have for anyone - I thought I wouldn't like it so I never ordered it, but once Zoya did a promo where they would include a Ivanka and Charla with any purchase, so I took advantage of it and I'm so glad I did! It's lovely!

Have a wonderful day friends!

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