Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rimmel London Orange Sunset

Hi friends! It's almost Christmas (and for my Jewish followers, Hannukah is already happening!) I wish I could be one of those people talking about how excited they are to have five days off of work, but the only day I have off is Christmas Day, and that's only because I complained and complained and complained until my manager agreed not to schedule me on Christmas! This is the first year that I've had a problem with my work schedule, I guess now that I'm married and have been out of school for a while I'm starting to realize that Starbucks is not the job to be able to make lots of money and get a good savings going, and also I'm starting to want that Monday to Friday kind of schedule. I envy people who have weekends and more than one day off in a row, and hour long lunch breaks, and whose offices are closed for multiple days during Christmas week!! *jealous* Anyways....little girl not wanting to grow up rant is over, on to the good stuff!

Here I have a lovely mani from a couple weeks ago - I wore it on a date me and my husband went on - we went and got Italian food and it was delicious! Well, I was upset because as you can see I got an awkward break on my ring finger and also had to cut down my middle finger nail - the middle finger is almost at a "normal" length for me now and the ring finger has just about recovered too!

It's Rimmel London Orange Sunset! This nice coral shade was hard to capture, so I took a lot of pictures!

I'm standing in my bathroom here under a fairly warm, yellowy light. As you can see it looks pretty orange here.

But with flash, you can see how it really looks in real life, a gorgeous pinkish shade with a hint of orange!

It was nice and glossy once dry.

But of course it needed some sparkle! I had seen someone do a similar mani to this - sponging the glitter onto the tips, maybe Let Them Have Polish? I don't any rate I felt inspired and I thought the gold would look great with the warm coral, so I dabbed some onto the tips in a little layering! It's Milani Jewel FX in gold!

I thought it was just the right amount of glam for our date night! Hope you guys like it!

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