Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zoya Jana!

Hey y'all! You may remember me talking about my trip to Phoenix not too long ago - well, since I had like five days off straight from work, I decided to pamper myself and get a manicure at a salon that just opened up near my Starbucks that I work at! It's called Venice Nails (at Preston and Frankford for all you Dallas people who might be reading) and they have decorated it beautifully! Very relaxing environment. I went there right after they opened with three other girls I work with and we all got pedicures and they had 50% off which was awesome! They have lots of luxurious types like cucumber, herbal tea, orange, and milk and honey, that you can get in manicure or pedicure, basically they just spoil you in lots of different ways! The first time I went I got the cucumber pedicure, this time I went with the Milk and Honey manicure! It involved lots of lotion, warm oil and warm stone massage, my hand in a bag of wax, etc. It was great, I'd totally recommend this salon to anyone in the area. It is a little bit more expensive than most salons I've been to but the beautiful decor and wonderful pampering makes it worth it for me!

ANYWAYS. Of course I brought my own polish, the lovely Zoya Jana! Now, I was so excited about this manicure and the color I picked, but then I totally forgot to take pictures until like three days later, lol! So there may be a little tip wear in these pics, but overall I thought Jana held up beautifully. The nail tech wrapped the tips, I noticed, which helped, I'm sure! I did get two chips (not very big though) but I just carefully painted them back in, since I had brought the polish with me to Phoenix!

Jana is a beautiful mauve color that toes the line between purple, gray, and brown, all at the same time. Depending on the light I thought it looked quite gray or quite purple. At any rate it's gorgeous and perfect for the professional environment! This was two coats plus topcoat. Typical amazing Zoya formula and wear!

Jana with flash

With flash again, see what I mean about the purple/gray line?! Every time I decide which one it is, I change my mind to the other, haha.

Jana under a table lamp light. Looking more brown in this light, I think.

How do you guys like Jana? Do any of you own her or another one of the recent Zoya colors?

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