Monday, January 2, 2012

HARE Polish - Archipelago

Hey y'all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today I have another lovely HARE Polish to show you - Archipelago! I am so happy I was able to pick up these two polishes! Nikole makes some lovely polishes and they fly off the shelves every time she sells them on her Etsy page! (HERE)

Archipelago is a juicy deep navy blue with a couple sizes of copper glitter mixed in. The glitter easily shows through, thanks to the jelly consistency. The glitters look kind of gold here, but they are more of a copper shade!
I normally shy away from dark colors, but this is still obviously blue in all lights, which is great!

See the larger and smaller glitter pieces?

With flash it's a lovely dark denim color! See the nice jelly consistency! 

I think I did 3 coats of this polish to achieve opacity. It has a little bit of a stinky smell to it, as does A Positive, but they both look amazing so I don't mind! :) Thank you again Nikole for making these wonderful polishes!

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