Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Zoya Promo!

Hey friends! Zoya has it's first promo of 2012 already, just three days into the year! (*jumps for joy*)

You can go to their website, pick any two nail polishes and get them for free when you enter the code ZOYA2012 at checkout. You still have to pay shipping but last time I checked it was only $6.95 and considering one bottle of Zoya is $8 that's a wonderful value!

I'm definitely partaking in this offer, just have to decide what I want! I kind of want Raven or Snow White, but I also want Chloe and possibly Tru, but I think they won't be out for a couple weeks. Hm...

Will you be participating in this promo? What colors did you pick? :)


  1. Wow that's just awesome, I would definately participate if they would ship to Europe! Good luck on chosing your two polishes!!!

  2. Heather, great picks! I have Savita and love it! It also looks great with top coat!

    Yes Inge I wish they could ship abroad!

  3. Love it! I got "Cheryl" and had to get "Trixie"