Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First GOSH!

Hey guys! I'm back, yay! Husband moved the camera uploading cord and I couldn't find it ^.^ BUT obviously I found it (yay!) so here is a photo of a mani I wore last week! This week I'll also try and post a very belated picture of my Christmas mani! That one I only snagged a pic of on my phone, so I'll upload it soon :)

Anyways, this manicure is a GOSH polish that I got in my swap I did with Polish Sis! It is called Gasoline, and reminds me a bit of OPI Grape...Set...Match! only with more blue shimmer. I haven't seen them side by side though (I do have both) so I can't be sure just how similar they are! At any rate this is my first and only GOSH so I am happy to have it :)

Here I am standing in my kitchen. These purple polishes always seem to photograph more blue than they really are. It is truly purple and not blue! And it has the prettiest shimmery quality to it, with a hint of pink shimmer but mostly blueish shimmer!

And on my ring finger I did an a coat of China Glaze - White Cap. I just love that golden shimmery goodness! It looks so gorgeous on top of anything! I was hoping it would stand out a bit more over the purple but...oh well! I think the blue flash is really apparent in this photo.

Here is the most color accurate, I'd say, a nice plummy hue. Obviously it's with flash! You can really see the blue flash here, but sadly the White Cap on my ring finger gets a bit lost. Oh well. I find myself leaning towards lighter colors for my manicures, or if I don't do a lighter color, I don't like to wear it for as long, but this was a nice change of pace!

Thank you again Inge for picking this lovely GOSH color for me!! :)

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  1. You are very welcome my dear! It looks great on you, even though you prefer your colors a bit less dark. But it's always great to have something this pretty in your stash right? Enjoy it!