Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zoya Caitlin!

Hey y'all! You're so good to be so patient with me lately on the lack of posts :) I've been working 6 day weeks at Starbucks and have only gotten to paint my nails once a week as a result lately :( Hopefully my injured coworker is on the mend soon so we can go back to having 2 days off each week! As a supervisor, we are often the ones who get to work more when others cant. Oh well...I signed up for that job!

Before I get started about this lovely Zoya color, I have to share the latest excitement with you guys - my husband and I had been taking care of a cat for the last two weeks (and one day, to be exact) - her name is Chanel and she is black and white and soooo soft and adorable! Our apartment complex found her and asked if we could watch her, since they knew that I had found a cat a few months ago and reunited it with the owner. I was really getting attached to her, and had tried calling the owner many times, because she had a collar on with a phone number and nametag - that's how we knew she was called Chanel. Unfortunately I only ever got voicemail, so after two weeks I had kind of given up. But there was TONS of signs up in my apartment complex with a picture of her and her name and I was like noooooo!!! I had started to think maybe she was ours to keep! So sad...we called them and gave her back. The owner was happy to have her back, though I would have appreciated some tears of happiness since I cried with sadness letting her go! The $50 reward helped...and when my husband FINALLY caved and said we could pick out a cat (he's been anti-cat since before we got married in May) that really helped! I'll be sure to post a picture of our cat whenever we pick one out!

On to the Zoya goodness!
It's  Zoya Caitlin! A lovely dusty periwinkle cream!

In artificial light. 2 coats is plenty to achieve opacity with this gorgeous shade. It applies like a dream!

But of course I love sparkle, but I didn't want to do anything too flashy, so I thought I'd add a coat of Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor. Sadly it got a little lost in Caitlin, but that's ok.

You can see it a little teeny bit! It was a little more obvious in person.

Well I am currently waiting for my two free Zoya colors to arrive - I'm hoping they'll be here by Tuesday or so! I picked Sooki, the gorgeous bright red, and Erika, a nice pretty pink with golden shimmer! I got my Mom Sooki for Christmas so I already know how gorgeous it is (I totally stole it so I could use it for a mani! But don't worry...I gave it back!) but I think Erika looks beautiful based on the swatch pics I've seen so I can't wait to try it!

Have a wonderful start to your week! :)


  1. Pearl Harbor is one of my favorite glitters

    I also tagged you in my post:

  2. Eeeee, yeah for the possibility of a new kitty! Can't wait to see pictures :)

    Ana Seidel