Monday, November 14, 2011

Butter London - No More Waity Katie!

Hey y'all! I have a lovely Butter London polish to show you today, it's one they came out inspired by everyone's favorite glamorous princess Kate Middleton - it's called No More Waity Katie!

Also, hello to my new followers! We are making some more progress towards our 50 Follower goal! I can't wait to start the giveaway! I'll post some pictures of the prizes at some point this week - 12 more people to go! Tell your friends! :D
Let's start with a nice pretty bottle shot :)
As you can see this is a nice squishy perwinkle-grey color packed with glitter.

The glitter is fairly subdued, although there is a lot of it. It's not super sparkly, which I don't love. However, it went on nicely and I think it would be a nice office appropriate color despite it's sparkle.

I really love this color, it kind of reminds me of a rainy, cloudy day. I love a good stormy sky so I particularly like this :)

What do you guys think of this nice grayish-purple color? Happy Monday!


  1. I got this one in a trade, but haven't worn it yet. So pretty!

  2. I have it and Ive only worn it once lol ! Im not a fan of it but the day I put it on I was toooo excited and I think I was expecting more IDK but I will DEFF. give it another chance.

  3. I feel kind of the same, I think it's a really pretty color in the bottle and not SO fabulous on the nail, I wish it was a little more sparkly but at the same time I do quite like it, I think this would be a short manicure for me, as I wouldn't want to look at it for more than a couple days haha