Sunday, November 27, 2011

Triple Threat Post!

Hey guys!! Today I am showing you not one, not two, but three polishes!

They are: Petites White, Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor, and a Bon Bon's polish which has no name and I'm calling Clear Flakie! It's not super flakie, mostly a clear glaze with iridescent glitter but it does seem to have a few iridescent flakies mixed in!

First up, here is the Bon Bon's flakie/glitter by itself. I showed this picture so you could all see that it does show up totally clear, even though it looks milky in the bottle. This was two coats, and can be found at Walmart for like 99 cents.
See? Very clear, iridescent small glittery pieces.

Here I'm showing the same Bon Bons glitter over Petites White. It's very subtle over the white, I think it would look awesome over other colors.

As you can see, you mostly get the pink and yellow tones from the iridescent glittery pieces. There are some tiny pieces and also some hexagonal pieces. I also saw some that looked like flakies but now I wonder if they weren't just hexagonal pieces that had gotten cut in half somehow. Hmmmm. At any rate I think it's quite pretty and reminds me a little bit of China Glaze's new one Snow Globe.

One with flash

Here is Petites White by itself. 3 coats to achieve total opacity/no bald spots. This is not my favorite white color, but it is the only one I own and costs a mere $1.50. So...if you want to spend more for one, go for it, it will probably be a nicer quality, but if you only want white for a layering polish like me, I'd be pretty happy with this. I love the Petites line, personally. At $1.50 they are a terrific bargain, and generally have pretty good opacity after one coats, total opacity after two coats. I have a flamingo pink, a red, a black, and this white, among others, that I love from this brand!

Next up we have the beautiful Sinful Colors polish Pearl Harbor! I saw this at Bed Bath & Beyond and thought "MUST BUY!!" It is the most gorgeous iridescent glitter in a clear base. In the bottle in real life it looks mostly blue and green, but in other lights you also get the pinkish and yellowish flash!

Here is Pearl Harbor over Petites White. Here with the flash you can see the yellow and pink tones. In the bottle obviously you can see the blue and green tones.

Another nice subtle glitter!

For some reason, I could only get my camera to pick up the yellow/pink on the nail, yet the bottle would only show me the blue/green! So weird.

Anyways. Hope you all enjoyed these three similar polishes! And don't forget, with my giveaway, Pearl Harbor is in one of the prize packs, and the Bon Bons flakie is in both packs! :) Welcome to my newest followers!!! I am so happy to have you here :) Make sure you are a Google Friend Connect follower (it's on the righthand side of the blog, click 'Follow') and you can enter the giveaway HERE!!

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  1. Heyyy I know that cute Bon Bon! You bought me one too!!! :-)