Saturday, November 5, 2011

China Glaze First Mate + Shatter!

Hey y'all, I bet you thought I forgot about you! Welp...I didn't! I'm back from my trip and had to work all week, then Friday one of my coworkers walked out on the job so...needless to say next week just got kind of hectic too! I'm now working on one of my days off and on the other day off I have to go do our tips. So I kind of have one day off next week...but not really if you get technical! We normally do our store tips on Fridays, but the bank is closed this Friday thanks to Veterans Day so I'll have to go do them Thursday! Enough about real life, let's get down to nail polish business!

Here is a fairly old swatch that I never uploaded - it's China Glaze First Mate! I bought this when I went searching for my swap goodies for PolishSis, it just called out to me! First Mate is a gorgeous navy blue creme, wonderful formula and didn't stain my nails!

Two coater! You could probably even do one if you're good, but I like to do two anyways.

Such a lovely shade!

One more pic for good measure :)

And now on to the best part! My new OPI White Shatter which the lovely Krystal from Polish Galore sent me (along with OPI Spark de Triomphe! *love*)

My other hand. Not as good of a picture because I am not good at being left handed! But FINALLY a shatter polish actually worked well on me! I was thrilled, needless to say. I was starting to think I was just terrible at applying them or something, they never crack fully! But this one was nice and smooth and did it's crackly thing just wonderfully!

And a sunlight picture for good measure!

Hope you guys love this manicure as much as I did! I thought the blue and white was so nautical and wished I was on a cruise!! Enjoy your Sunday!! :)

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