Friday, November 11, 2011

Color Club Revvvolution!

Hi y'all!! Today I have an awesome holo that I recently picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond! I almost didn't even get it, because you couldn't tell there was any holo at all under the artificial store lighting, but then I read online somewhere that it was holo so I had to go back for a second look! And I'm so glad I picked this up!
Inside, nothing so special. Charcoal gray with a little shimmer.

Shade, getting a little better, but still no visible holo. Same charcoal gray shimmer.

And comes the holo!! I like it because it's not blindingly holographic, I would feel very comfortable wearing this under just about any circumstances! (I think it's definitely work appropriate, although it is a holo)

Somehow tricked my iPhone into blurring my nails to show the holo!

Sparkle sparkle sparkle

And just for fun here is my kitty Emma who followed me outside into the backyard while I was taking pics. She is an inside cat primarily but loves to venture into the backyard, and roll around on the stone (right under my hand) and she also hangs out in the shrubs! She is too funny, sometimes we have to drag her back inside. Once a few years ago she slipped outside when our dog let herself back in (pushed the door open) and we didn't know, and then we found her the next morning meowing by the door freezing her buns off! 

Here she is rolling around on the ground outside, silly Emma :)

OK well I hope you enjoyed the lovely pictures of this stealthy holo!!! It was like $3.29 at Bed Bath & Beyond, and they also had a decent sized Color Club display (although it seemed to be all old polishes or maybe just their core collection, no newer ones really) so check it out, maybe a store near you will have some too! Happy Saturday!!!


  1. Funny kitteh! I have no idea what my 2 would do outside. They are def not outside kitties.

  2. Emma loooooves to hang out in the bushes, I don't really know why! She always sneaks out if the dog lets herself in and the door gets left open! She also freaks out if you brush her (she loves it) and will seek you out (when she feels like it) to sit on your chest/stomach if you're just sitting on the couch or something too! Unfortunately she lives with my parents, I was housesitting for them when I took these pics! But they live close to me so I can go visit whenever I like :)