Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey guys! Here's a fun little post - Holly from Holly and Polish tagged me with the Versatile Blogger Award! Woop woop! I'm not really sure what that means, but I'll interpret it as I blog about lots of things - which makes me versatile ;)

The two rules are:

1) List 7 things about yourself
2) Pass this along to 15 other bloggers!

So here I go!

1) I am a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks Coffee, and have been an employee with the company since September of 2006! I enjoy working there because I like socializing with people, it's pretty easy (after working there for so long!), and I have wonderful benefits with a job that is considered part time! I average about 35 hours a week, I have a 401k, health/dental/eye insurance, and stock options, plus tips every week (average $1.60/hour, not bad for a little extra spending money every week!)

2) I have been married for 6 months today! (Tuesday) :D

3) My husband's name is Daniel, and he writes an excellent soccer blog called Big D Soccer, it's about soccer in the Dallas area! He is a great writer and very very knowledgeable about soccer. Well, this isn't really a thing about me, but since he's my husband I feel like he's a part of me! We've known each other since I was 17 and he was 18, we're now 24 and 25 respectfully!

4) I always liked nail polish, but I really developed my love for it in February, after I had knee surgery and got stuck on the couch for weeks! I had six weeks off from work so I had a lot of free time to paint my nails! We aren't allowed to have nail polish on our hands at work (health hazard I guess?) so anytime I have more than a day off, I paint paint paint! It started with Zoya's giveaway for 3 free polishes, and spiraled from there ^.^

5) I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May 2010! I love the football team (ahem, Sam Bradford! I once came about three inches from walking straight into him, we both turned a corner from opposite directions and nearly walked right into each other! When I saw who it was I was like OMGOMGOMG hahah) and I also love the gymnastics team!

6)I really love gymnastics, it is one of my passions in life. I started gymnastics when I was about six at a small gym near my house and did it for fun until I was 13, then quit to focus on figure skating, which I had also been doing since the age of five. I wound up quitting competitively skating at 18 when I graduated high school (burned out) and dabbled in recreational co-ed soccer for a couple years. While I was at OU I rediscovered my love for the sport through watching old gymnastics meets on YouTube, and new ones on TV! I began working part time with a gymnastics website called Gymnastike, filming gymnastics workouts, interviews, and meets for the website. I also wrote briefly for The Couch Gymnast, called Amy's Gym Diary, that pretty much ended when I hurt my knee. I was participating in a weekly adult gymnastics class at Texas Dreams gymnastics up until I hurt my knee, and hope to go back at the beginning of December! I also used to coach gymnastics for about a year at the same gym I began at all those years ago. I really loved coaching and teaching the kids new things but was easily frustrated by the kids' short attention spans and not being strong enough to help some of the kids learn new skills. (Some of today's youth are not at a healthy weight, we'll just say that, haha). OK well that was like seventeen facts in one so you guys got lucky :)

7) Giraffes are my favorite animal :) I would really love to pet a giraffe someday! There is a myth that giraffes are mute....but they are not. FYI! 

and one extra for good measure:

8) Peppermint Oreos are AWESOME!!!!! I just got some at Target the other day, they're limited edition for the holidays and are so super delicious and if you like Oreos and you like peppermint you NEED to try them! :)

I tag:

......anyone who wants to do this. If you do it, I'd love to see! :) (sorry to be lame and not tag people but I am tired haha) 

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday! I'll be enjoying my day off :) I have a new mani to put up in a few days - sadly I had to cut two nails down yesterday which frustrates me!! One had a terrible peel so I chopped it down to below the peel so it can grow out again, and the other had a small peel that I fidgeted with and made worse so I had to cut it too :( So I now have three nails that I love the length of, and three more that I'm ok with the length of, and the rest are short and I want them to grow again. I think my job is too rough on my nails because I keep getting random breaks and peels which make me have to cut them. Argh! Thanks Starbucks, haha.

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